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Steven A. Lee on set

Waffle House
Executive Producer / UPM

Age of the Dragons
Producer / UPM

Emma Smith - My Story
Executive Producer / UPM


     Steven A Lee-Producer/Line Producer/ DGA UPM; Is an award winning producer. He has worked in the film business for 30 years. After spending nearly 12 of those years working on Hollywood network/studio projects, (he has worked with Fox, NBC, CBS, Tri-Star, Columbia, and more), Steven chose to move into the Independent Feature Film market where he found a wonder group of filmmakers that still made movies because they still love what they are doing.
     He has worked as a producer films that have been on HBO, DISNEY, SHOWTIME, and LION’S GATE. He has worked as a producer over 25 feature films. He is a Member of the Director’s Guild of America. He has also been the screenwriter on 3 feature films that have run on ABC Family, The Disney Channel, SyFy Channel, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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Forever Strong
Line Producer / UPM

House of Fears
Producer / Screenwriter

War Pigs

Christmas Eve
Co-Producer / US Production Manager