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Steve on Set
Steven A. Lee on set

Christmas Eve
Co-Producer / US Production Manager

Waffle House
Executive Producer / UPM

Forever Strong
Line Producer / UPM

Age of the Dragons
Producer / UPM

War Pigs

Emma Smith - My Story
Executive Producer / UPM

House of Fears
Producer / Screenwriter


My name is Steven A. Lee, and I have worked as a producer on 22 feature films and TV movies, 4 PBS documentaries, 2 Reality TV series, and dozens of commercials and industrial films. I started in the film business over twenty four years ago. I started in art department and worked my way up to production designer, then about 14 years ago moved over and I have been managing and producing films ever since.
     I've also produced and / or managed dozens of industrial and educational films and commercials.

Work History Overview

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Singing With Angels (Feature) Line Producer
War Pigs (Feature) Producer
Waffle Street (Feature) Executive Producer/UPM
Christmas Eve (Feature) Co-Producer/US Production Manager
Nowhere Safe (Feature) Line Producer
Ephraim's Rescue (Feature) Line Producer
12 Dogs of Christmas II (Feature) Line Producer
Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed (Feature) Line Producer
Zeros (Pilot: Syfy) Producer
Age of the Dragons (Feature) Producer
Blank Slate (TNT TV-Movie) Producer
Emma Smith: My Story (Feature) Exec. Producer
House of Fears (Feature) Producer
Forever Strong (Feature) Line Producer
Tracker (Feature) Producer
Outlaw Trail (Feature) Line Producer
Return With Honor (Feature) Co-Producer
Everything You Want (ABC FAMILY - Premier Movie) Co-Producer
Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (60 Millimeter Large Format) Line Producer
A Kid Called Danger (Feature) Line Producer
Center Street (PBS Series) Assoc. Producer
Teen Xtreme (Syndicated Sports Pilot) Producer
As well as dozens of commercials, and industrial, educational, and religious films

12 Dogs of Christmas II (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Age of the Dragons (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Blank Slate (TNT TV-Movie) Unit Production Manager
What's Your Story (PBS Reality Series) Unit Production Manager
Emma Smith: My Story (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Forever Strong (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Outlaw Trail (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (60 Millimeter Large Format) Unit Production Manager
The Trek West (PBS Documentary) Unit Production Manager
The Handcart Pioneers (PBS Documentary) Unit Production Manager
As well as several commercials, and industrial, educational, and short films

House of Fears (screenplay) (Feature) Writer
Tracker (Feature) Co-screenwriter
Everything You Want (screenplay) (ABC FAMILY - Premier Movie) Writer
The Handcart Pioneers (PBS Documentary) Writer
Empower Yourself



Teen Xtreme (Syndicated Sports Pilot) Director
Center Street (PBS Series) Director
Empower Yourself (Documentary) Director
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise (Syndicated Pilot) Director
As well as several short films

Steven has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years. After spending nearly 15 of those years working on Hollywood-produced films (he has worked with Fox, NBC, CBS, Tri-Star, Columbia, and more), Steven moved out into the independent feature film market. He has produced films that have been on HBO, DISNEY, and SHOWTIME.
     He has a total of fifteen feature films that he has either produced, co-produced, or line produced (including four that he has written, and several corporate, religious, and short films that he has directed).